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Ain't Done Extended Freestyle Lyrics (#Troy#Mk#Ain'tDone)~2020
Beat by : Trinta (2020 Bunda Cypher Beat-1)
Mixed & Produced by: Ranger-Mw

Its 2020 yeah I ain't done so listen to this
Wassup Troy how you doing? So give us a tip
So Mr Mk u feeling it, I hope you get it
Tellem boy,I am Ranger doing some promotions

Freestlyle, Are you listening?
So gimmie(give) me your ears
I ain't done its 2020, Born and Bred
Was I born? Was I bred? Scientifical facts

I got Troy and Mk, yeah you feeling it
U ain't done, I ain't done, so we ain't done
This is Ranger dropping bars coz we not done
See you later gotta go now, coz I ain't done
U"ll ready know about it niccas yeah I ain't done
Call me Ranger

Standing up in front of a danger
Coz you never know, the one beside might be the danger
Ur in danger, am talking bout the one that you know
Just incase u forgot we gat a saviour of souls-(Jesus)

Are you listening,
Trana take u bck to ur sense
So many people saying ranger yeh is dead in the game
The game hiphop, am back up
So whers ur bck up
Coz u be asking, am i insane, or playing a game
Its a never game, u gata know its never the same
Meditation gat me rapping, gat me getting so closer

And so I understand, Everytime I step to the mic
Giving all I got, and then am looking up to the mirror

One thing I realise that it is never hip-pop
If am rapping all alone I tell you it is never hip-pop
Hip pop is a message everybody gata now that
Gods given talent that y u see me rapping

(Paper squeak) sound
 Am out here
Shout out to everybody listening
You"ll known am saying
One two  one  two
I ain't done freestyle  yeah...!!

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