Hagios Goes International

By Jameson C. Makande, Jan. 18, 2021, 239 Reads

In a season that seemed to have caused the earth to come to a halt, Hagios decided to cross borders in His music ministry.
In a project that started in 2017, Hagios restarted working on a project He dubbed The Hagiosis. We've seen him release tracks like, BAD and Ndakomerwa, which took him back to his roots, which is Sena. He called the Ndakomerwa project a thrill because he had to bring out something of his origin and gave all credit to God for the idea and gift, and prior to Ndakomerwa he also released BAD which featured Barach. In 2019 through 2020, Hagios decided to go across divides in his music ministry by working on a song entitled Asante.

“Asante is a Swahili word which means Thank you. In this song, I just wanna say ‘Thank You’ to Jesus who accorded my life, I wanna say ‘Thank You’ to God for the gift of life, for the grace which found me in my sins and drew me out, for taking me in His glorious house and giving me a spot in His kingdom, not only that but also in granting me an opportunity to rule with Him as a king and a priest. My life is no longer mine to own, otherwise, if I owned it, I'd have led it to destruction way back. I was heading there, I do know for sure, but until I let my guts down and let Him loose my chains of immorality, lust, drunkenness, pride, lusciousness, and all the evils of the world, He redirected my paths and led me to ways of righteousness. There's nothing a man like me can give back into God for all He's done unto me apart from thanks. All I can render bank unto God is a grateful and thankful heart.” - explained Hagios.

In this Song, Hagios featured Elka and Mic Gower. Gower is a renowned Tanzanian Gospel Artist, whom he claimed had been of so much help in translating and interpreting some Swahili words so that the song can carry a true meaning. Of course, listening to the song would make you realize that Hagios still maintained his Malawian roots by throwing in a few Chichewa words and his most spoken language, English. Elka came in on the Hook, putting icing to the song so that it came out a complete, well-baked cake.

Asante is set to be released on January 21, 2021(01/01/21)

The song was recorded at FJ Records and was produced and mastered by J Maas of the Red Disk Music Records.

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