It wasn't my fault

By Natasha, Dec. 2, 2020, 48 Reads

Every time a rape incident happens, we have people blaming the victim and questioning her dressing or why she found herself in that particular place or any other lame excuses people give.
Stop saying it is my fault that I was raped leaving me with feelings of disgust. Stop covering it up because the one who defiled me was a close relative, boss or neighbour.

Why does society blame it on my way of dressing, telling me to dress differently?.
I'm a lady and I'm well presented in a skirt or a dress. Why should I live in fear in the way I dress, sexual abuse has nothing to do with how I dress or where I'm going whether it's at my workplace, church or market, It can happen anywhere and to anyone.

We need all the support we can get.
help us with information about how to seek physical and emotional care, listen to our voices, let our voices be heard, fight for us, show us that you are here with us and are concerned.
Don’t tell us to let go or to get over it. Yes, we have to heal but first of all, we need justice and we need to live freely and safely. So stop treating our experience like a dirty secret.

Stop Rape‚úč

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