Don't Be Busy, Be Productive

By Natasha, April 15, 2020, 492 Reads

We are surrounded by so many opportunities that we never take advantage of; we are surrounded by so many resources that we never use. But in the end, we blame God, or people or the poor background we are coming from when we end up miserable in life.

But everything we need is just right there not so far but near us.

We most of the times forget that our mind and spirit needs training, we forget that we need to feed ourselves with knowledge. So, for example, instead of reading a book that would help us greatly, we turn to watch movies for many hours.

Instead of using the Internet to research and get materials for self-learning, we spend most of our time and bundles on less important and even useless stuff on the Internet.

There are many things on the Internet that can make us much smarter in a few minutes than the hours we spend on the less important stuff.

Most people are waiting for opportunities to find them. But wise people create opportunities, wise people set themselves up for opportunities.

People who increase knowledge and skill will have more opportunities than people who don't. People who don't know will always be slaves to people who know. Knowledge is what sets people apart; it is what distinguishes us. The most successful people I know they got where they are by making use of what was available to them, even the little things.

For example, we take people for granted, but people are very important because everyone plays a role in your life, big or small. Learn how to treat people rightly in a way that they will voluntarily and gladly pour out what they have to you.

Learn how to use the technology that God has freely given us. Learn how to use the time God has freely given us.

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